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Generational Intelligence

MillennialPlus advances cross-disciplinary thinking, business analysis, business strategy and rigorous cultural research to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers. We help companies identify how the modern customer experience and generational intelligence can be used to their competitive advantage.

We cultivate knowledge by blending quantitative, qualitative and anthropological methods with rigorously wrought insights and behaviors for sensemaking. MillennialPlus humanizes customer connections, behaviors and narratives through proprietary conceptual frameworks and storygraphs.

Our experts apply learnings to the materialization of brand strategies and experiences through content creation, theory, social engagement, and product and service innovation.

We believe in story. The unspoken words that convey deep-rooted feelings and a sense of self. We believe in data. The numerical truths arcoss tribes, cohorts, like-minds and culture. We believe in the work. Informed creativity, innovation and thinking.

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“I had loads of research and tons of data, but found it difficult to translate into a story of what consumers really want. The team at MillennialPlus were able to filter through the information and capture new market insights through techniques that were quick and thorough. They have a deep understanding of consumer behavior and how to influence it based on generational data and insights that none of my other research and strategy sources could capture.”

- Cari Ferrara, Director Advertising Sprint

“MillennialPlus' anthropological approach to decoding consumer habits and behaviors, and their command of trends and market dynamics affecting the U.S. telecom industry was impressive. MillennialPlus’ work supplied us with a robust Millennial Value Framework and a recommended sweet spot for Verizon to target, as well as how Verizon should shift its brand voice and messaging to resonate. Barry Wade and his team are phenomenal! I would jump at the chance to work with them again.”

- Amy Grant, Director Brand Advertising Verizon Wireless

Our Services

Brand Innovation | Business Analysis | Business Strategy | Consumer Messaging | Consumer Research | Content Development | Customer Experience (CX) | Customer Loyalty & Retention | Customer Growth Assessment | Demand Creation | Social Media Strategy & Activation

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Case Studies

Coca-Cola | Do Good

MillennialPlus' work for The Coca-Cola Company strategically sets a new path to maximize profits while doing good. Our application of global consumer sentiment informed sustainability communications.

Sprint | Social Success

MillennialPlus' work for Sprint drove significant social media engagement and share of voice with a utility-based content strategy in the largest US wireless market.

Verizon | Millennials

MillennialPlus' brand positioning strategy, brand voice and creative visuality work for Verizon demonstrates the power of rigorously wrought generational intelligence and cultural research.

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